Key Features

Incident Reporting

Provides a structured, comprehensive method for reporting incidents, documents the "what", "who's" and "when", as well as details about the nature of an injury or incident at the workplace.

Incident Investigation

Assists investigators of an incident to find the root cause of the incident, identify responsible persons for corrective actions and due dates for the corrective actions.

Workforce Health

Provides for secure, private electronic records of medical assessments, vaccination, immunity, respirator fit tests and detail records relating to HIV and TB.

Waste Management

When the cradle to grave responsibility for hazardous waste generated is a legal requirement, this module allows for the recording of generated waste, record of collection and disposal documentation.

Audit Checklists

Allows safety, health and environment staff to audit a facility in a clear, consistent and structured way. It can easily be changed to meet changing audit needs for different facilities.

Safety Committees

Provides for standardised committee agendas and minutes. Assists in scheduling meetings, reminding members of the meetings and getting signoff of the relevant manager.

Workplace Assessments

Provides a structured tool for the assessment of identified hazards in a workplace. Allows for the identification of corrective actions, which can the ranked and prioritized.

Equipment Maintenance

Assists in the recording of equipment in a facility, a record of maintenance done and reminds of maintenance due. It is also possible to upload maintenance reports.


Provides for high level management information from the various OHASIS modules. It also allows for the exporting of certain reports and information.

Collaboration Partners

OHASIS is the result of a successful North - South partnership.

National Institite for Occupational Health

National Health Laboratory Service
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Global Health Research Program

University of British Columbia
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